"As an International Businessman, I can find myself on any corner of the globe within a few days notice.  Having the Application Service Provider system provided by NorDutch Technologies has made my business more efficient and my life easier by allowing me to access my company’s vital information from ANY computer terminal with internet access.  I simply don’t know how I would operate without it.


When working from my office, the fast courteous service provided by the NorDutch staff keeps my operation up and running with minimal downtime and aggravation.  I am glad we started doing business with NorDutch." --John Roberts, Executive Director, International Groove & Grinding Association, Coxsackie, NY (http://www.pavement.com)


"NDASP is so great. You can get onto your system anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Not to mention the level of service that’s provided for the support team. It’s unbelievable!!!!!!"   --Neil Rodrigues, General Partner, Coretek, Inc., Concord, NC (http://www.coretek.us)


"Since we have been doing business with NorDutch, our system has never gone down...Richard  & Tyler are very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend NorDutch to everyone I know because they are reliable..."--Tammy Parker, Manager, Henke Warren Insurance Agency, Coxsackie, NY (http://www.henkewarren.com)


"Safe, secure and happy. The system is wonderful and the support is great. Since the technology is current and my data is stored for me I rarely need to call for help but when I do they are instantly there for me."--April Ernst, Office Manager, Greene Industrial Development Association, Catskill, NY (http://www.greeneida.com)
“I have found the comprehensive technology services provided by NorDutch an absolute necessity for my place of employment, my home office and for use simply at home. I am finally worry free with reliable and safe access to the internet with immediate tech support only an email away, all provided within my tight financial budget.” --Alexander "Sandy" Mathes, Mathes Public Affairs, Coxsackie, NY


We began using NorDutch approximately one year ago. Since then our systems have become extremely user friendly with reliable backup systems. We can now access our system as easily outside the office as inside. Our network speed has increased significantly and virus control in combination with the in house spam filtering is easy to maintain.

Recently our company went thru a name change which meant a lot of time and headache to make certain everything was accurate with our URL’s and email flow. NorDutch came in with very little effort on our part and just made it all work. We have saved time as well as money which is an awesome combination.
--Kelly Adcock, Media Analyst, Victor Results Advertising, Inc.  Brentwood, TN (http://www.victorresults.com)

As a small business owner, having NorDutch as our ‘in house’ IT team is invaluable. From the dental office to our home office, Rich and his team have made working between the two seamless. We could not be as efficient and as productive without his knowledge (and a lot of patience of our technical skill).  --Steven D. Spitz, DMD Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.  Boston, MA (http://www.smileboston.com)

“NorDutch is a quality provider of computer and networking services. As a telecommunications provider, State Telephone Company uses NorDutch for various computer needs and we regularly refer customers to NorDutch.  Our experience and the feedback we get from our customers can be summed up in one word.  "Excellent!"   Their service capabilities and ability to respond quickly to any need you have sets them apart from other providers.” -- Mark Evans, Vice President, State Telephone Company, Coxsackie, NY (http://www.statetel.com)

NorDutch Technologies has been a tremendous resource and support for the growth of our business. They are very responsive to our needs including: servicing multiple campuses in both Northern and Southern California, administrating our growing staff, and rapid response to our changing needs. The NorDutch Team has served as an integral part of our success. -- Joe Keats, COO, Sonoma College, Petaluma, CA (http://www.sonomacollege.edu)

I have had the pleasure of dealing with the team of NorDutch Technologies since 2003. In my profession, I have had a substantial amount of experience with several different computer service companies. Rich, Tyler and the entire team at NorDutch are, by far, the most professional, reliable and knowledgeable computer technicians I have ever experienced. In fact, I have referred them to my clients in other cities to take over their IT needs. What makes them stand out from others is that they promptly return calls, are efficient and effective with their service, and they permanently fix problems in one service call. Rich and his team are honest with their customers and communicate the best solutions for long term needs. They have the ability to fix the problem immediately and are very patient with their "technology challenged" customers. I have learned a great deal from them and highly recommend them. -- Jackie Jones, Dental Management Solutions, Auburn, NY

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